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Since 1975

1109 West Center Street
Rochester MN 55902

Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM or by appointment.

Our studio phone cannot accept text, but we personally answer every call when we are at home or in the shop. We also respond to emails (


Since we live nearby, appointments can be made for most days, including weekends, and at any reasonable hour. 

We accept cash and checks only.  We are unable to accept credit cards.

Our Services

We design and make custom Stained Glass Windows for homes, churches and businesses.

We repair stained glass windows and lampshades.  And we will attempt to fix nearly any type of broken glass items.

We maintain an extensive inventory of art glass and will sell any glass currently in production.  If the glass is in full sheets we will cut you a slice of any width.  Sizable cutoffs from our projects are sold as is.  Glass that we cannot replace is normally not for sale.  If we have enough we may sometimes sell a small amount.  Small cutoff pieces are $3/pound.

We also sell lead came, zinc edging, solder, flux, tools.   



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