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We can fix nearly every type of stained glass problem.

Email us a photo and we will provide a free estimate

Lampshade loosing it's head.

Windows (and other glass objects)


If you email us several photos of the entire window including closeups of the damaged area both with and without flash we will discuss options and costs by email or phone.  Include measurements or something in your picture so we know how big your window is.  Our  photo based estimates are usually accurate, but we occasionally find additional problems when we look closely.


 We cannot match glass that no longer exists, but we can often make subtle design changes that hide the fix.  We will use the best matching glass we can find.  We can show you several glass options and will describe our repair plan in advance.  You can decide if the repair will work for you. email to:

Nearly all repairs require that the piece be brought to the shop.  It is typically cheaper to have someone local remove the piece and later reinstall, but we will come to your location, remove the piece, then repair at our shop, then return and reinstall, charging only for our time.

Small glass items:


These items are usually fixable, but often not worth the cost unless the item has sentimental value.  Repairing broken pieces to look new can take more time than making the same item from scratch.  And often the failure is caused by a design flaw in the original design which we must overcome.  Send a photo and we will quote. 

We also make custom frames in oak, maple, walnut, and other woods to replace older deteriorated sash or display your new window.  We will paint or stain with product you chose or supply.

Cabinet doors:


As with windows, email a photo first.  The doors can often be removed by pulling the hinge pins.  Sometimes one piece hinges must be unscrewed.  And we often team with local cabinetmakers to add custom stained glass to new cabinet doors.


Lampshades and lamps:


We can reinforce and repair lampshades made with small glass pieces or larger flat glass sections.  We lack the equipment needed to replace broken curved glass sections.  We have a source for custom bent glass, but his work is expensive.  We can provide a quote and you can decide.

We will also rewire lamps where needed.

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