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Our panels are designed to fit your style, size and color needs.

1. We can make a panel that permanently installs edge-to-edge in your window opening or one that hangs in front of your window opening. Decide which would look best and roughly measure the opening. We can add strong hanging hooks or make you a hanging wood frame stained or painted to coordinate with your décor. Where natural light is lacking, we make wall hung LED light boxes for new designs or antique windows you want to display.  Once we agree on the design we will come to your home and take our own measurements. A cell phone photo of the room can be helpful.

 Take note of the direction your window faces and note if lighting is direct sunlight or trees, or a soffit or awning that shades the opening. We make glass choices to work best with the expected lighting. Also decide if you need the window for privacy.

3. Call for an appointment (507-282-2752) and plan for an hour to discuss your ideas. We can usually get close to a decision in an hour.  If you are just in the neighborhood, feel free to simply drop in to see our work, and discuss possibilities.  If you have colors you want to match (things like tile or wood stains that are unlikely to change) bring along color samples or a piece of fabric (like sofa pillows or upholstery) that shows the colors you want to complement.

4. We have many design books and photos of our installed work in the studio for you to look at.  If you have an idea of what style you are looking for, (Victorian, geometric, arts-and-crafts, modern, representational organic like flowers, birds, landscapes, etc.) or have seen a pattern you like, please bring that as well. We do not duplicate copyrighted designs, but we can create a unique design with any look and feel desired.

5. We will also talk about installation considerations. We always install our windows to the room side of the openings. We do not remove or change your storm window treatments. This adds an extra layer of thermal protection, and the windows can easily be removed when you leave the house. Installed windows usually use wood moldings that are
painted or stained to match your woodwork. We can install, or you can choose to install the window yourself.

6. Once we agree on a design, glass choice and installation techniques, we will give you a fixed price. Our prices for residential work usually run from $175-$275 a square foot, depending on the intricacy of the pattern, glass type, whether there are bevels, painted pieces, etched pieces, etc.  We can give you a rough idea of the price during our first appointment so you can decide if you want to continue with the process.
9. Once we have our working measurements and you have decided on the pattern, we provide full-size drawings for your approval. and you can drop in the studio to approve. We usually request a 50% down payment. at this time.

7. Delivery time will vary with our backlog, but when an order is placed we will let you know when we expect to finish your window.
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